Licensed by:  State of California Department of Food and Agriculture - Animal Health Branch
License To Feed Garbage (food waste) To Swine
License No. #0574
Hogs/Pigs at Smitty's Hog Ranch are range-reared and graze in a multi-species grazing area with sheep, goats and llamas.
Supporting the health and well-being of our planet through Environmental Stewardship.

Promoting Environmental Sustainability
Recycling and diverting food waste and food scraps into animal feed byproduct and compost

Welcome to Smitty's Food Waste Recycling Services Outreach Program.  We are a unique recycling organization that runs a Comprehensive Waste Reduction Program.  Environmental Stewardship is our business practice.  

In conjunction with Smitty's Hog Ranch, Smitty's Food Waste Recycling Services does its part in reducing "Greenhouse Gas Emissions" through our unique recycling efforts.  We recognize that our food waste diversion program and waste management practices is fundamental to the health of all living organisms including humans. 

Our unparalleled service offers a cost savings and provides a dynamic opportunity both economically and environmentally for small and large restaurants, food retailers, caterers and culinary businesses. We look forward to serving you!

Smitty's Food Waste Recycling Services
23233 N. Jacktone Road
Acampo, CA  95220 

Call:  (209) 367-3642

Photos at Smitty's Hog Ranch where Yorkshire Hogs/Pigs are fed a variety of grains and processed food waste and food scraps.  The animals are raised in a healthy and sanitized environment.  


The Hogs/Pigs at Smitty's Hog Ranch are raised in fenced yards with plenty of fresh air and sunshine.  The hogs have access to grazing in a large open pasture space, they are self-fed and get plenty of exercise.

We use sound management practices to keep our facilities clean and healthy.  All of our livestock animals are raised in a natural environment and have the freedom to express their natural behavior.

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